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Seminars in Europe

Seminars in Europe


My teachings in Europe are featuring three programs:


Jungian Seminars Program: 

The seminars present Jungian concepts through a very creative program, combining theoretical knowledge and experiential application to life, therapy and self growth.

Jungian Coaching Program:   
5 modules, 18 hours each, with an option for additional 5 practicum / supervision workshops (also 18 hours each) at the second part of the program. The theoretical 5 modules are comprised of 5 intensive two-day learning in a very creative environment, aimed to teach how to implement Jungian psychology in coaching. These modules analyze practical challenges at everyday life of managers in companies and organizations.

One module is fully dedicated to MBTI assessment.

Expressive Art Therapy Program:   

8 modules of intensive two-day workshops, 27 hours each. These studies, held in weekends over a two-year period of time, are aimed to qualify professionals in the field of Behavioral Sciences how to apply creative tools in their practice and work.

Starting summer of 2017 the Expressive Art Therapy Program will be accredited as 9 out of 21 credit points for the Beit Berl College in Israel, granting an M.A. degree in Art Therapy.
These supplementary studies for the foreign students will be held on August 2017.


In addition to these annual programs I occasionally teach special workshops tailored to fit a unique audience or professionals, and aimed to provide them with practical skills and tools.

Such workshops include: Child Adolescent Art Therapy and Creative Arts in Nature

Jungian Seminars

Jungian Seminars Program

Introduction to Jungian Psychology

The Way of the Dream

The Miniature Jungian Sand Tray

Jung's Alchemy - The Secret of Change Making

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Jungian Coaching

Jungian Coaching Program

Individual and company's personality structure according to Jung, conscious and unconscious, the Iceberg model, SWOT model

Femininity and Masculinity, Anima and Animus, the Shadow, 
the significance of Trickster

12 Archetypal Types of Management​

The Hero's Quest - Post modern career in Jungian terms

MBTI in every footstep

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Expressive Arts Therapy Program

Basic concepts in Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy

Jungian concepts applied to Expressive Arts Therapy

Self Psychology and Object Relations applied to Expressive Arts Therapy

Family – Couple Arts Therapy

Integration of Program: Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy

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Special Workshops

Special Workshops

Child Adolescent Arts Therapy

This two days workshop will teach the theory, approach and techniques for Arts Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents.

Active introductory workshop:
The 2 year program - Expressive Arts Therapy

Dr. Goren-Bar will lecture and present the Expressive Arts Therapy second year program for professionals in the field of behavior sciences. This introductory presentation is 4 hours long.

Expressive Arts Therapy in Nature

A meeting in an eco-life farm to experience the healing power of expressive arts, nature and circles.

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News & Events

News & Events

Join us for the 5th International Expressive Arts Therapy & Coaching Conference on September 20-21, 2019 at the Istanbul BUMED University campus.

Check out fi


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In the old city of Jaffa, the Ottoman quarter of  Tel-Aviv,

in an apartment building I have built with friends -

there lies my clinic...

In my clinic I meet with clients, children, adolescents and adults, on an individual base , usually on a weekly session.


In my seminars I use group dynamics and group interventions, but in my clinic I usually see couples and families for short term therapy, and individuals for long therapeutic quests. 


Throughout the years, while expanding my expertise from an Educational Psychologist into Clinical Psychologist, I have done lots of diagnostic assessments, combining more and more Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy and Sand Tray. While qualified as a Jungian Practitioner I have put emphasis on dream analisys. 


In recent years, in accordance with the fast, modern lifestyle, people expect short effective term therapy, and I have found that combining practise of Jungian Coaching with my traditional approach while working with individuals, executives, and human resources managers yields great results.


My clinic is my professional homebase from where I started, and from which I expand my experience to my teachings around the world.

Address:  4 Kedem St.

                 Tel-Aviv   6803357  Israel


My Clinic

Accademic Teaching in Israel

Gestalt Therapy Applied to Creative Arts. Seminar, 1985-1988, B.A.

Psychotherapy: Art as a Therapeutic Tool. Class, 1985-1988, B.A.

Diagnostics Through the Arts, Class, 1985-1988. B.A.

Diagnostics Through the Arts, Class, 1986-1997, M.A.

Applied Gestalt Therapy to Expressive Therapy, Class, 1986-1996, M.A.

Intermodal Expressive Therapy. Intensive Workshop, 1986-1998, M.A.

Practicum in Creative Arts, 1987-1995, M.A.

Group Dynamics. Workshop, 1994-1997, M.A.

Self Theories Applied to Expressive Therapies. Seminar, 1994-1997, M.A.

Psychological Theories Applied to Creative Art Therapies.
Seminar 1995-1998, M.A. (Haifa University).

Diagnostic Thinking in Creative Arts Therapies.
Seminar, 1995-1998, M.A. (Haifa University)
Accademic teaching

Courses Taught:

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