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Family Couple Arts Therapy
"Family/Couple in an Arts Therapy Process" – is a simulation where all family's drawbacks and advantages emerge while creating Arts.

The process of decision making, obeying to authority, parents vs. children, rhythm, collaboration, opposing vs. coalition, envy, destruction, compliment and punishments – and many other "family/Couple issues"- can be elaborated when the family is invested in an artistic process. The seminar will teach Family Therapy theories applied to Family Arts Therapy.  Parallel issues in Couple Therapy will be discussed as well.

This unique seminar brings in a Couple and a Family to participate and demonstrate a real live session. Each of them, on a Saturday and a Sunday, one reveal "En Vivo" how a diagnosis is done through the Arts and how thereafter an Intervention is offered by artistic means. The students who act as "Participant observers" observe the session from zero distance and thereafter take part in a very lively supervisory discussion.

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