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Avi Goren-Bar,  Ph.D.

Certified Clinical & Educational Psychologist

Expressive Arts Therapist, Supervisor

Individual & Organizational Coach


"Working with people is the quest of my life, characterized by transparency, directness, creativity, humor, optimism, symmetry, courage and innovation"


My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, and I work according to "Avi's Theory" which is an integration of all I have learnt and experienced in my 40 years of professional life: some Gestalt, some Jung, some Object Relations, some Self Psychology, some Jungian Art Sand-Tray, some Art Therapy and lots of attention, care, transparency, directness, and warmth.


For me, psychotherapy has also a lot to do with humor, creativity, doubt, storytelling, accepting evil, accepting suffering and insisting on hope and optimism.

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