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Active introductory workshop:
The 2 year program - Expressive Arts Therapy
Dr. Goren-Bar will lecture and present the Expressive Arts Therapy second year program for professionals in the field of behavior sciences. This program is based on 8 weekend modules which cover the following subjects:

The following 8 seminars are divided into three categories and combine the basic studies for Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy:

  • Category 1: Introduction to Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy: Basic Concepts in Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy, The Creation Axis - A diagnostic and interventional tool in Creative Arts Therapy, Diagnosis through Arts. 

  • Category 2: Psychological Theories Applied to Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy: Gestalt Arts Therapy, Jungian Concepts Applied to Expressive Arts, Self Psychology & Object Relations Applied to Expressive Arts Therapy, Psychotherapy in Creative Arts: Transference, Counter-Transference, Process and Rejection.

  • Category 3: The Use of Clinical Expressive Arts therapy in a Therapeutic Millie: Family Arts Therapy, Group Creative Arts Therapy, Intermodality: Using art, Music and Movement as Creative Arts Therapy

The Workshop presentation is 4 hours. Please come with convenient garments.

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